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Re: pre-building NEW packages, when they only introduce new binary packages

On Sat, 09 Feb 2008 20:10:20 -0500 Philippe Cloutier wrote:

> > That probably won't make much time difference on "fast" archs (i386,
> > amd64 etc), but on slower ones like mips, mipsel etc (those sometimes
> > hold up testing transition :().
> A missing build will only slow testing migration if the package wasn't 
> built when the unstable testing delay is over. Since almost all uploads 
> to NEW are low urgency, the build would need to take over 10 days to 
> affect the time to testing migration.

pokerth 0.6-1-2 needed 13 days (uploaded on 28.01, built [but not yet
uploaded] today), so it *can* make a difference (not a really big one
though in this case)

> To speed up testing migration due 
> to missing builds, it would be much more efficient to work on buildd 
> redundancy (or other improvements to the buildd network).

More/faster buildds, nicer dependencies etc, sure. But why not this one
too? ;)

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