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pre-building NEW packages, when they only introduce new binary packages

Hi *,

at the moment I am preparing the next release of pokerth, which will
contain the pokerth-server package. As this one is new, the whole
pokerth will have to go through NEW again.
However, there is already pokerth 0.6-1-2 in the archive and I do not
change the source tarball, so the chances I made something really bad I
would get a REJECT for are low.

I thought it would be a (time) improvement, when a package which already
has an orig.tar.gz in the archive, but introduces a new binary package,
hits NEW the buildds could start building it (at a low priority)
without uploading to the archive and then wait for the ftp-masters to
approve the package, after what the buildds would upload the already
finished packages.
That probably won't make much time difference on "fast" archs (i386,
amd64 etc), but on slower ones like mips, mipsel etc (those sometimes
hold up testing transition :().


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