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Re: [RFC] Changing priority of selinux back to optional

Quoting maximilian attems (max@stro.at):

> but currently willing to work on i'd nack fjp requests.
> of course if no progress has been made in a month,
> his request is more then reasonable.

I slightly disagree. Not that I have doubts about your commitment, but
this entire discussion showed that SELinux is, right now, not ready
for being included in default installs. As D-I is preparing a beta
release, it could be better to downgrade selinux stuff to optional
before that release.

It can still be reactivated later in case the progress you bring
proves to be enough for this.

Possible alternative: create a tasksel's task to include it, which
would make testing of installs with SELinux by default easier. Being
something not really end user-oriented, that would have to be a
"hidden" task (not shown as a choice by tasksel) that one could choose
with the appropriate D-I boot option.

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