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Re: Proposition: 'NMU' upload of wxwidgets 2.8

Hi again,

after some discussion on #debian-devel yesterday, two options were more
or less agreed upon with Ron Lee:

  1) People who have an interest in 2.8 contact Ron to work together.

  2) People are free to upload 2.8 as a separate package without him
     minding the fact that his namespace is impacted, as he does not
     currently plan to package 2.8 anyway, preferring to wait for 3.0.

If the package proves to be as unstable as Ron claims it to be, it could
easily remain in experimental, offering the packagers who depend on 2.8
a chance to get their packages into a central place where users who are
aware of the issues can get it from. If it proves to be
stable enough for daily use, but not bug free, it will make it into
unstable, but the bugs will keep it out of testing, anyway. Personally,
I am using Bastian Kleineidam's packages without any problems.

Best regards,
Richard Hartmann

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