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Re: Proposition: 'NMU' upload of wxwidgets 2.8

> Richard Hartmann writes:
> after some discussion on #debian-devel yesterday, two options were more
> or less agreed upon with Ron Lee:

Richard, please don't profess to speak for me -- especially not couched
in terms such as "more or less".  There were several things that people
tried to explain to you in that discussion that you 'more or less'
refused to accept, so please don't muddy the waters further by spreading
more misunderstanding.

>  1) People who have an interest in 2.8 contact Ron to work together.

As we discussed, as I've said previously, and as Myon already announced
once again, lets just start with this step shall we.  We can let the
people actually doing the work make judgements on where it will go from
there -- once some work actually gets done and is suitably reviewed.

I don't think many people were in agreement with your proposal that this
should be some sort of open-slather free for all.  It is going to take
quite an investment of time and effort for anyone who wants to attempt
this to get (and more importantly, keep) it in a state where it might
become part of the distro.

But anyone who thinks they are up for that, is indeed most welcome to
get in touch with myself and the others who've shown an interest to
date, to co-ordinate what they would like to do and how best to do it.
I don't think having some random number of people acting in isolation
will be sufficient to turn this into something usable.  If they exist,
they need to get together and all help each other.

Y'all know where to find us if you feel the itch.


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