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Re: Automatic mirror selection

Adam Borowski wrote:
> Ah, right.  Yet at least in some cases, it could be tricky to have the arch,
> so I think you would need a generic mirror anyway.

I don't see any scenario where getting the arch would be tricky, do you
have any in mind?
Even if there is such a case, we have many mirrors that don't support
all arches, so - to avoid problems - we'd have to filter the list to
have only complete mirrors, drastically diminishing its utility,
therefore I think it would be best to ignore the very few - if any -
corner cases in which it's a little harder to get the arch, in the name
of maintained utility.

> (Details sent privately).  Too bad, I just learned it can possibly go down
> somewhere in the near future...

Thanks a lot anyway!

> If not, we can always do a brief test on a random subdomain, and then toss a
> working config to the DSA guys.


Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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