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Re: Automatic mirror selection

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 09:09:24PM +0100, Leo costela Antunes wrote:
> Adam Borowski wrote:
> > Uhm, and how exactly do you get the arch?  At DNS time you don't have
> > anything but the requester's or his ISP's IP.
> This would have to be placed inside sources.list at some point, then I
> figure the automatic or manual process responsible should stick
> "dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_ARCH" somewhere in there, so you just
> have to query "<arch>.geomirror.d.net", for instance, to get the best
> mirror for your country which contains your arch.
> It could be during D-I, if the D-I people like the idea and no big
> problems arise from a testing period.

Ah, right.  Yet at least in some cases, it could be tricky to have the arch,
so I think you would need a generic mirror anyway.

> > Would a vserver, one IP and a NS delegation for a test subdomain be enough
> > for your tests?  No fallover or anything, though.
> Yes, certainly. Do you have one available?

(Details sent privately).  Too bad, I just learned it can possibly go down
somewhere in the near future...

> > What about this:
> >   ftptest.debian.net CNAME debian.XXX
> >   debian.XXX NS your_vserver.XXX
> > (where XXX is any domain you can control without bothering the DSA for every
> > change)
> I don't think that'll work. Since the Debian nameserver won't find a
> break in the SOA line (introduced with a NS entry), it'll try to find
> YYY.ftptest.d.net directly. A CNAME entry on an upper-level domain won't
> be enough to "redirect" the lower-level domains.

Aargh, it appears you're right.  Does someone have another idea?

If not, we can always do a brief test on a random subdomain, and then toss a
working config to the DSA guys.

Cheers, and so on...
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