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RE: HighPoint- GPL Licensed Controller wants To be IncludeInDebian Distribution

Dear Mak,

I have communicated your suggestion to corresponding departments, we will
update our FAQ and check out dell idea storm cite as well.

Thanks for being so helpful for HighPoint, appreciated everyone's valuable

Best Regards,
May Hwang
HighPoint Technologies,Inc.
Distribution Partners: ASI, BellMicro, D&H, Malabs
"RocketRAID - Terabyte Storage Technologies"

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hello May,

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 08:31:29AM -0800, May Hwang wrote:
> Thanks! Is this the first time you head about HighPoint? We used to only
> offer Cost effective RAID controller or if refer to Linux community these
> are the Fake RAID category. 

not the first time,
i had followed the hptiop submission upstream for the 2.6.18 time
frame, but yes i haven't encountered the hardware directly.
> My SI customer suggest we should educate Linux distributions or ask advice
> from Linux distribution developer where can we update our hardware RAID
> product information, it kind of letting Linux community knows HighPoint
> products now its GPL licensed and it is hardware RAID controller.
> Any ideas?

you seem to have already generated quite some good press on the most
important German tech press.

dell has a community centre where customers can generated input,
try to consider such. the dell idea storm cite generated quite
some participation also people where very happy that they got
listened to so new laptop models coming out with Linux.

otherwise a tech show off of the capabilities of your product
in terms of performance benchmarks, power efficiency (powertop)

your worst defficiency currently seems that a quick top ten
google of "highpoint gpl" doesn't direct me anywhere near to
a cool site of yours. also "highpoint linux" lands on a faq
as top one that is quite terse.

hope that helps.
> Best Regards,
> May Hwang

good success + warm greetings of cold vienna


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