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Re: HighPoint- GPL Licensed Controller wants To be IncludeInDebian Distribution

Hello May!

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 07:38:03AM -0800, May Hwang wrote:
> Thanks for the update. So this etch-n-half is the next Debian release, which
> already have HighPoint driver included? When etch-n-half will official hit
> the market?  

etch-n-half is the planed Linux kernel upgrade for the Etch Debian
distribution, roughly after 1/2 of it's lifetime, for more info on it
see http://wiki.debian.org/EtchAndAHalf

there is no hard date out yet, but you get an educated guess from
(due to beta1 debian-installer and etch+half coupling)
> Best Regards,
> May Hwang

happy weekend.


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