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Re: The 30 most popular packages missing in Debian

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 23:43 +1100, Ben Finney wrote:
> Franklin PIAT <fpiat@bigfoot.com> writes:
> > Also It's important that we can tell our users "Debian 4.0, as of
> > 2008-01-31 has flashplugin-nonfree version X.Y, skype version Z.Y"
> Some non-free works are distributed via Debian's infrastructure, but
> it's very important to *not* have "Debian includes non-free work
> $FOO" be true, because that's against the entire point of Debian.
Yes, my phrasing was incorrect.

> > and provide all the QA associated (BTS, security tracking...).
> For most non-free software, we *can't* provide all the QA associated
> with Debian. For most of them we are prohibited from redistribution of
> modified versions, so security updates cannot be provided the same way
> as software that is part of Debian; we have to wait for updates from
> the original vendor.
Sorry about this mistake. At most, I meant "some QA". (hopefully, no
Debian final user will ever read that).

"Some QA"...
What I meant regarding non-free packages shipped alongside Stable :

It has been through unstable->testing->stable, which means, that any
serious bug in the program itself has probably been detected.
And more important (what other OS can't do) : major incompatibilities
with other applications in Debian/stable are likely to have been
detected during that period.

Later, problems are likely to have been identified by some others users
and a bug filed in the BTS. I doesn't means that the bug can/will be
fixed, but at least, its documented. (BTW, since other Debian user
probably have similar configuration, since they run Debian too, they are
more likely to face the same problems).

{Add your "Debian can't support non-free" disclaimer here}


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