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Re: electronics-menu REJECTED (discussion)

[Sorry for the late reply]
On Wednesday 16 January 2008 08:18, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> >>
> >> It appears that the Technical menu should include at least;
> >> - Science
> >> - Engineering
> >> - Math
> >> - HamRadio
> >> - Electronics
> I thought that Science fit under Technical, if the offer was for
> one additional main menu. However it's clearly big enough to have its
> own main menu (there are lots of Science sub-categories in the
> standard).
> Math is an interesting case in that it's obviously a science, yet the
> tools are also used in engineering and also education. Hence your point
> about different user views. (On the other hand, putting everything under
> Technical helps too :)).
As a user technical seems awkward and unintuitive to me.  I would rather it 
was called Science and Engineering.  

Andrew V

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