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Re: How to cope with patches sanely

Le mardi 29 janvier 2008 à 14:09 +0100, Daniel Leidert a écrit :
> http://www.wgdd.de/?p=25 is some sort of "rain dance"? Oh well, are you
> kidding me? All I want to know is, if quilt can do the same. Then I will
> give it a try. If it cannot handle this design, well then it's not an
> alternative for me. Why should I mirror the upstream VCS and blow up
> svn.d.o or my own VCS servers?

The easiest way I found to manage quilt patches with SVN in
mergeWithUpstream mode is to extract the tarball in a temporary
directory and to link the debian/ directory from the SVN repository. All
modifications made to the quilt series are then done directly in the
checkout. Of course, this is easily scriptable.

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