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Re: How to cope with patches sanely (Was: State of the project - input needed)

I demand that Pierre Habouzit may or may not have written...

> On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 07:26:04AM +0000, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> What would you suggest to enhance the situation?

> For one, I'm not sure the "situation" is that horrible. Second, I believe
> joeyh's proposal to be able to use some DSCM features to replace the old
> diff.gz is an excellent proposal, OTOH, you will have a lot of people
> complaining about having to use git (for his proposal) or $DSCM.

Count me in - I don't get on well with git... :-)

I'd say "use mercurial", but see below.

> See alioth, we have mercurial, git, svn, still a few CVS users, arch and
> bzr. There are zealots for at least 3 of them, and people that will never
> want to learn anything but svn.

Whatever DSCM is used, it needs history truncation. This rules out mercurial
(at present? certainly 0.9.5); I tarred up the bits needed to recreate a
checked-out repository of xine-lib - 8.6MB orig.tar.gz (, 28MB
hg.tar.gz (tip, but the changes since don't amount to much).

> I don't think there is One True Solution, though there are probably ways to
> allow _any_ of the $DSCM to be used (and let's svn rot *cough*)

Er, "let us svn rot"? ;-)

> and have some Debian specific wrappers to allow the basic operations
> (commit, checkout, ...) to be transparent to the people not knowing about a
> specific $DSCM. E.g. I discovered debcheckout(1) recently that uses the
> Vcs-* headers. This is IMHO the way to go.

So no need for .git.tar.gz, then - just carry on shipping .orig.tar.gz and
.diff.gz, and use debcheckout if you need the history.

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