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Re: How to cope with patches sanely (Was: State of the project - input needed)

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, Pierre Habouzit wrote:

 For one, I'm not sure the "situation" is that horrible. Second, I
believe joeyh's proposal to be able to use some DSCM features to replace
the old diff.gz is an excellent proposal, OTOH, you will have a lot of
people complaining about having to use git (for his proposal) or $DSCM.
See alioth, we have mercurial, git, svn, still a few CVS users, arch and
bzr. There are zealots for at least 3 of them, and people that will
never want to learn anything but svn.

If you ask me personally the situation with zillions of competing
VSC systems is even worse than the hand full of tools to build
Debian packages.  I personally refuse to switch VCS every six month
because there is a newer and even better one if you trust the one
or other coworker.

 I don't think there is One True Solution, though there are probably
ways to allow _any_ of the $DSCM to be used (and let's svn rot *cough*)

I do not want to advocate svn but the main advantage of it in my
eyes is that it lasted for a long time, was installed on Alioth
for a long time, is used by a lot of projects.  The chance that
I would decide for "the wrong VCS that will rot after one or two
year as well" is IMHO to high that I prefer to stick to something
that serves my personal needs.

 Oh and don't try to ask for complete uniformity in packaging, there
are 1000 DDs, 10 times as many packages,

This would be like day dreaming.  But if you try to accomplish some
kind of group maintainance some kind of common standard in this group
helps a lot.  So some kind of guidelines for group maintainance
might simplify things a bit.

different needs (you don't
package a perl extension like you package mozilla or gcc or a java
library) hence you can't ask people to use the same tools each time.
That would be like asking all our software to be written only in ruby.
Please, that's nonsense.


What we have to fight for OTOH is to avoid
farcical tools, and that's why we have to get rid of dbs or debmake that
nobody uses anymore. I don't think it's clever to start a war against
quilt, dpatch, or cdbs. You may like them or not, you may despise some
of them, but those are tools pervasive enough in Debian.

ACK as well.

Kind regards



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