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Re: Bits from the Qt/KDE team

Am Freitag 11 Januar 2008 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Hi all & happy new y@!
> Am Donnerstag 10 Januar 2008 schrieb Armin Berres:
> > The plan is to use ~/.kde for KDE 3 and for KDE 4. We patched KDE 4
> > right now
> **Objection**
> Using KDE (now 3.5.7) within a larger rollout (educational environment),
> we already had problems with the current versions of KDE 3.5.x when
> switching between workstations with different subversions:
> For instance, quite often kicker disappeared (at least the window bar).
> Please take note, that there is some hundred thousands of pupils using
> KDE at school, whereas their home directory is centrally stored.
> I'd plea to follow the policy of openoffice.org by tagging conf folders
> with versions:
> ~/.kde3-57
> ~/.kde3-58
> ~/.kde4-00
> Whenever a program fails to find conf files for its very version, it
> needs to fall back to the latest available version and import settings
> at its best. This keeps older versions to be used from worksstations
> that had not been updated yet.

This ain't no good: changes in an older KDE will not show up in a newer KDE.
Fact is that there should be an absolutely strict policy about changes that 
affect older versions:
 - ignore unknown options
 - ignore unknown option values (use default instead but do not change the
   value in the config file)
 - never change meaning of options

If it is totally incompatible then another filename should be used. A global 
versioning is insufficient.

OTOH: using a mixed setup in a network _always_ gets you into trouble one way 
or the other.


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