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Re: Bits from the Qt/KDE team

On Thu, 10 Jan 08 14:18, Charles de Miramon wrote:
> Ana Guerrero wrote:
> > There are still some issues that need to be resolved, such as migration of
> > configuration files, since we have patched KDE 4 to store its settings in
> > ~/.kde4 instead of ~/.kde .
> Why don't you patch Lenny's KDE3 so it uses ~/.kde3 and have KDE4 uses the
> regular ~/.kde ? I would rather patch the end of life KDE3 than KDE4.

The plan is to use ~/.kde for KDE 3 and for KDE 4. We patched KDE 4
right now, because we are not sure that KDE 4 applications won't eat
your nice and pretty KDE 3 config.
In the long run we want to remove the patch from KDE 4, but we need to
try if this really works first.


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