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Re: Bits from the Qt/KDE team

Hi all & happy new y@!

Am Donnerstag 10 Januar 2008 schrieb Armin Berres:
> The plan is to use ~/.kde for KDE 3 and for KDE 4. We patched KDE 4
> right now


Using KDE (now 3.5.7) within a larger rollout (educational environment), 
we already had problems with the current versions of KDE 3.5.x when 
switching between workstations with different subversions:

For instance, quite often kicker disappeared (at least the window bar). 
Please take note, that there is some hundred thousands of pupils using 
KDE at school, whereas their home directory is centrally stored. 

I'd plea to follow the policy of openoffice.org by tagging conf folders 
with versions:


Whenever a program fails to find conf files for its very version, it 
needs to fall back to the latest available version and import settings 
at its best. This keeps older versions to be used from worksstations 
that had not been updated yet.

This is my 2 pence,

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