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Re: List of packages which should probably be Architecture: all

James Vega wrote:
> grep-dctrl ! -FDepends -e '.' -a ! -FPre-Depends -e '.' \
> -a ! -FArchitecture all -n -sPackage binary-i386_Packages

This approach is better and far faster than mine, diff'ing the results of
both methods show four less binaries (which all of them are false positives
using my method).

I just added a weekly cronjob in my alioth account to regenerate the lists
(based on the sid/{main,contrib,non-free}/binary-i386/Packages) which are
available at:

Containing only the package names

Same as above but ordered by maintainer (no Uploaders available because
Packages doesn't provide it).

Atomo64 - Raphael

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