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Re: List of packages which should probably be Architecture: all

On 02/01/2008, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Forgot to mention that, based on the binary-amd64 Packages file of the
> main, contrib and non-free sections.

> I didn't check the content of the packages because that's something
> linda/lintian should do

Wondering why, I asked what they were supposed to catch:
20:51:10 [ KiBi] Atomo64: What are linda/lintian supposed to catch?
20:51:49 [ KiBi] That an Architecture: any package rightfully contains architecture-dependent data?
20:51:57 [ Atomo64] KiBi: !arch: all packages not containing any arch-dependent file

You might have missed the point, trying again: your list contains plenty
of “Architecture: any” packages that are *rightfully* “any” because they
*do* contain architecture-dependant stuff (see e.g. icecc as already
pointed out).

> this is just a simple/quick list of packages and as I said it may
> contain some false positives (although there's usually a reason/bug
> causing the package to be listed).

Maybe there's rather a bug in your process. Instead of speaking of
“plenty of greps”, you might want to expose the code / algorithm you

Cyril Brulebois

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