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Re: Debian-AI

> I am requesting comment on this approach, review of my project, and
> looking for guidance.  Though I have tried for 7 years, I have not
> been able to make the breakthrough into the community (most likely
> owing to a lack of social skills).  I tried to discuss this project on
> the Debian channels, where they suggested I post to the Debian-devel
> mailing list.
> Would there be any interest in a Debian-AI sub-project?

Hmmm, I kind of fail to see the exact point: Are you really proposing a
sub-project related to AI software (like Debian-Med is for medical tools), or
are you rather proposing an AI approach to selecting and packaging any software?
Judging from the beginning of your post I was tempted to think of the latter,
but suggesting an AI sub-project seems something pretty different from that.
Further, your repository mainly contains AI-related tools, but also some
unrelated software.

Could you/somebody else clarify this a little?


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