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Dear Debian Developers,

There is a lot of great libre software related to the field of
Artificial Intelligence either directly or indirectly that has not
been packaged yet for Debian.

The field of Algorithmic Information Theory suggests that the
capabilities of computer systems are constrained by program size.
Therefore, a heuristic for increasing the capability of the system
would be to add additional software, which means packaging this
software, the benefits of which you know more than anyone else.

As a result of this, it has been my goal to assemble a comprehensive
software ontology of existing systems and package as many of them as
possible, ordered in such a way that the new packages can improve the
automatic creation of packages.

Packages created this way will most likely lack the love required to
pass Debian's quality assurance process and make it into the primary
Debian repository, therefore I have started my own repository.  (If I
commit to packaging the software to the quality standards of Debian,
then it is my guess that I will not be able to make all the packages I
feel are necessary in order to achieve the desired level of completion
and service.)  However, I am not opposed to this and the goal is
eventual integration into the Debian archive.

In addition to creating packages, I am also working to systematically
lobby developers of nearly free systems to release their code open
source, as well as hundreds of other task related to the goal of
creating intelligent systems through clustering, studying and applying
existing systems.

I think I would like to become a DD eventually so that I can learn
about Debian's existing systems, standards and processes.

I am requesting comment on this approach, review of my project, and
looking for guidance.  Though I have tried for 7 years, I have not
been able to make the breakthrough into the community (most likely
owing to a lack of social skills).  I tried to discuss this project on
the Debian channels, where they suggested I post to the Debian-devel
mailing list.

Would there be any interest in a Debian-AI sub-project?

My project can be found at:


I appreciate your consideration.

Andrew Dougherty

P.S.: the following systems may be of interest

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