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Re: Debian-AI

>> As a result of this, it has been my goal to assemble a comprehensive
>> software ontology of existing systems and package as many of them as
>> possible, ordered in such a way that the new packages can improve the
>> automatic creation of packages.
> I startet building Debian packages about 10 years ago and in no single
> case I had the impression that this process could be done automatically.
> You might be lucky if you try to package some kind of standardized
> archives like CTAN or CPAN, but I doubt that this is possible if
> you are picking random FOSS from the net.

It may interest both of you to hear of an automated system to
'debianize' the CPAN: http://debian.pkgs.cpan.org/

This is of course not random FOSS from the net as Andreas states but
rather the mostly regular interface for perl modules. It does show
that it is in fact possible to build high-quality packages in an
automated fashion though I doubt there is any way to remove a human
from the process in the end. While the packages are good, they are
not strictly ready to be uploaded into debian. There is ongoing work
on that though and hopefully the software will be able to build a
decent enough package that the package just needs a review from a DD before upload.

Warm regards,


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