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Re: [proposal] Documenting which revision is installed

* Frans Pop [Fri, 28 Dec 2007 08:20:01 +0100]:

> > As said in my previous mail, I'm willing to take care of that.

> For the next 40 years? Can you really guarantee that you will be able to do
> this in time and without errors for each and every release and point release?

Thanks for the vouch of confidence! Anyway, the package would be
maintained by the release team, and there should always be somebody
available to make a oh-so-trivial upload. Or somebody completely
different -- we know how to cover up for other people, ejem.

> I agree with Anthony that it is very much preferable to have a solution
> that's just able to automatically determine the correct version.

Feel free to pursue the idea, then, really, I'm just not interested in
*doing* it myself, whereas I'm interested in doing the package upload
dance. And this is Debian, after all.

And I'm leaving /etc/debian_version untouched, so it could be migrated
to Anthony's scheme if that turns out to besuccessful. But,
/etc/lsb-release ought to be a static file, I think.


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