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[proposal] Documenting which revision is installed


i would like to propose that we change /etc/debian_version with
beginning of lenny to also show which revision of a release is

Rational: We do regular updates to stable releases (called point
releases) from time to time but you can't tell from installed files
which revision (point release) is installed on a machine without knowing
the exact versions of packages in a debian revision.
The only way to determine which revision might be in use is to parse
/var/lib/apt/lists/$mirror_$path_dists_$release_Release which sucks.

My idea would be to have /etc/debian_version updated with every point
release to reflect the current revision.

There are different opinions out there (i spoke to several DDs already)
on how to reflect this in /etc/debian_version, thus i would like to get
consensus on this list first, before we start implementing it.

Here comes some ideas:
Lets say we have major version 4.0 (etch) and point release 2:

Idea 1:

Idea 2:

Idea 3:

I personaly prefere Idea 1 over 3 over 2, but as said, i want to have an
consensus and i already heard several other ideas and/or complains.

Please flame^Wdiscuss now i threw the fish into the ring.

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