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Re: [proposal] Documenting which revision is installed

Adeodato Simó wrote:
> In other words, I plan on uploading a version to sid, block it from
> migrating to testing, and uploading another version via t-p-u. Stable
> point releases will get updated via s-p-u. That makes it two initial
> uploads, and then twice per stable release (t-p-u; release; t-p-u), plus
> one per stable point release (s-p-u).

The problem with that approach is that it is complex, error-prone and
requires a disproportionate amount of manual work, a lot of which can only
be done by someone with the access needed to set the needed hints.

> As said in my previous mail, I'm willing to take care of that.

For the next 40 years? Can you really guarantee that you will be able to do
this in time and without errors for each and every release and point release?

I agree with Anthony that it is very much preferable to have a solution
that's just able to automatically determine the correct version.


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