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Re: Making contributing to Debian easier ; "gift" bug tag

Hi Lucas,
* Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> [2007-12-24 22:03]:
> I've been thinking about ways to make contributing to Debian easier. I
> sometimes run into the situation where someone asks me "I'd like to
> contribute to Debian, what could I do?", and I have problems directing
> him to things where he could actually help.

There is http://www.debian.org/intro/help but its really not 
that helpful I think.

> == "gift" usertag ==
> Some projects (Gnome, KDE) use a special tag to indicate bugs that
> are suitable for new contributors (see [1]). Debian could use something
> similar. I thought of using the "gift" tag for this, but don't hesitate
> to propose something better. We can start with a usertag, and, if it
> gets widely used, ask for a "normal" tag.

I agree this would be a really cool thing but it can be 
really hard to judge what is suitable for new contributors 
and what not, some people understand things pretty fast 
others do not and thus you could lose the chance to get a fix for a bug 
because you rate it too low.

What do you think about using the RFH pseudo bug and add a 
usertag to it instead?

> Thank you, and merry christmas :-)

Same to you and all other devs!
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