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Re: Making contributing to Debian easier ; "gift" bug tag

On Mon, Dec 24, 2007 at 10:46:11PM +0100, Nico Golde wrote:

> I agree this would be a really cool thing but it can be 
> really hard to judge what is suitable for new contributors 
> and what not, some people understand things pretty fast 
> others do not and thus you could lose the chance to get a fix for a bug 
> because you rate it too low.
> What do you think about using the RFH pseudo bug and add a 
> usertag to it instead?

I like Lucas' idea a lot; I think that it's better implemented using

The more common scenario I see for this is:

 1. I get a bug report
 2. I think "oh, yeah, easy to do, too bad I can't work on this package
    at the moment"
 3. I reply to the bug report providing some feedback and adding the
    'gift' usertag
 4. Whenever the bug gets fixed (by me or by whoever), the new upload
    closes the bug and everything is done.

Adding a RFH to the process means also having to:
 - open a new RFH linking the other bug and adding a description of what
   kind of help is needed
 - remember to also close the RFH when doing the upload.

Since gift items are supposed to be easy things, my feeling is that the
simpler, the better.  Of course, for easy things that do not fit into a
bug (like: "I'd like a new package to be created that does X"), RFH bugs
with a usertag sound like a very good way to go.


Enrico who now goes to see if he has usertags to add and RFH to open

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