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Re: wxwidgets 2.8, anyone?

> If there was someone else really prepared to do a better
> job with this than I seem to have done, they'd have naturally taken
> over as the primary maintainer a long time ago. 

Really? Ron, you're crying hijacking whenever somebody else tried to
touch wx. If upstream breaks the API/ABI at random times, it's your job
as maintainer to do something against it, together with upstream. If you
can't work together with upstream for private reasons, it's time to give
the package to somebody else.

I'd suggest the following plan to get rid of this *stupid* discussion:

1. Get wx2.4 out of the archive _soon_. There's a list in wiki.d.o about
the status of the last applications using wx2.4, if I remember right.
Their maintainers had more than enough time to et them migrated to 2.6
(or 2.8, if there would be 2.8).
2. Move the packaging in a team, put the _team_ as maintainer, and
choose one DD who is not involved with wx to review and handle uploads,
this should avoid stupid discussions between the team members about what
to upload, and when and other blahblah.
3. As more and more programs and upstreams demand 2.8, especially from
the Python point of view, package 2.8 in the team _soon_, so it can get
into Lenny. Or get 3.0 released _now_. Ubuntu ships 2.8 for a long time
now, so looking into their bugtracker to learn about bugs in 2.8 would
be a good start, also looking at their patches is probably (*sigh*, we
know how Ubuntu patches are sometimes...) a good thing. My personal
opinion of wx is not a very good one, and I can partly understand Ron's
point of view, but it's code so it is fixable by good maintainers.

If the WX problem is not solved until NYE, I'd suggest to take it to the
tech-ctte, so somebody with an independent point of view can decide if
2.8 should/needs to be shipped with Lenny.

Best regards,


Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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