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wxwidgets 2.8, anyone?

> Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> If I understand correctly, I should be working with Daniel Baumann
> who, as a sponsor, would be actually uploading the packages so I'll
> be contacting Daniel in the beginning of the next year to organize
> all this.

Two small things you seem to be ignoring:

1. You've shown no compelling reason or benefit to justify a hostile
   hijacking, and no track record for being able to actually sustain
   such an effort.
2. You've shown no compelling reason or benefit to bending policy
   in regard to the number of library versions the distro will support.

If you can give us an actually stable release, rather than one which
still changes its api from release to release, and has some 1500+ and
growing bugs open upstream, then that, in all sincerity will be the
best and most productive thing you can do if you really want to see
a transition to a new wx that users can actually be happy with.

Daniel seems to have a few things to explain still about his original
justification for urgent ill-planned action, so if you'd like to come
clean about how you really expect existing apps to migrate to 2.8, and
have a rational discussion about how we can improve that and make it
sane and maybe possible for 3.x, then that would be a breath of fresh
air from the backroom troublemaking that you appear to be trying to
hatch here.

You don't have the time or motivation for this side of things Vadim
and you know it, so please, swallow your ego and help me, help us,
help you.  If there was someone else really prepared to do a better
job with this than I seem to have done, they'd have naturally taken
over as the primary maintainer a long time ago.  But that person
doesn't seem to exist yet, so please, deal with reality and lets
get on with it.  M'kay?

This really isn't rocket science,

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