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Re: Syslog file paths in 'metalog'? (#423299)

Kris Deugau writes ("Re: Syslog file paths in 'metalog'? (#423299)"):
> Literally and exactly that - I want to be able to tell it to put 
> daemon.* in /var/daemonlogs/mainlog, mail.info in 
> /var/mailbits/mail.info, mail.debug in /tmp/debuglogs/maildebug.log, and 
> just to be perverse (and more than a little silly) auth.crit messages in 
> /auth-crash-and-burn.  Note that those are ALL fully qualified filename 
> paths.

This kind of thing can be very important because different logs often
need to have different security and retention policies.

For example, on my own system the webserver and webcache logs are
directed to a different filesystem so that they are not backed up.


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