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Re: Syslog file paths in 'metalog'? (#423299)

Christoph Haas wrote:
Fellow Debianistas...

At work we are using syslog-ng a lot and it's very useful for a central
logging server. However I don't like the syntax because it's verbose and
typo-prone. So I was looking at metalog and seeing it orphaned I decided
to adopt it (#423299). I've started bringing the package into good shape
again. There is just an issue with the paths and files where metalog
writes syslog informaton to. The difference to the sysklogd...


Mmmh. Strictly speaking, sysklogd logs mail to /var/log/mail.log, along with duplicating (!!) much of the content to (IIRC) /var/log/messages and /var/log/mail.{err,info,warn}. .0, .1.gz, etc are created by the non-logrotate widget Debian uses for rotating system logs.

In general, I would say as a sysadmin that any syslog daemon that does not allow me to configure any given log facility and priority to (at least!) an arbitrary file wherever I want it is inherently broken. Bonus points for log-to-pipe, extra credit for simple, useful redirect-to-remote-system capabilites. Built-in log rotation is "nice to have" but it's Yet Another Log Rotator, and IMO there are already too many fingers in that pie.


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