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Re: Re: Bug#454162: libxine1-plugins: should not depend on libxine1-gnome

This bug is now about that all plugins are installed by default,
dragging in too many dependencies at install/upgrade time. I have the
following compromise in mind, which I first want to be commented on
before I do the follwing changes:

a) Let's introduce 2 meta packages: libxine1-all-plugins, which depends on
all binary packages including libxine1-gnome, and another one
libxine1-common-plugins, which depends on all packages except

b) Additionally, the libxine1 package gets versioned conflicts against
all gnome/gtk2 related frontends in etch.
I'm not sure about a) ; how would these meta packages be used?
b) looks great.

Thanks for caring about this.

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