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Re: old homepage pseudo-field (future mass-bug filing?)

2007/11/30, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
> Hi, at http://sockmel.bononia.it/~zack/homepage-field/ I'm collecting
> some numbers about the usage of the new homepage field in debian/control
> vs that of the old pseudo-field in package description.
> There should be all the info needed for a wish-list mass-bug filing ([1]
> is a direct link to a dd-list, so that people can check for false
> positives), though right now is probably too early (4'000 packages to
> go), but I'm not sure about the current policies for mass-bug filings.
> Cheers.
> [1] http://sockmel.bononia.it/~zack/homepage-field/pkg_w_old_homepage_pseudo_field.dd-list.txt

My personal position about this, as well as the current policy for the
packages maintained by the Games Team, is to have simultaneously both
the new Homepage header as well as the old pseudo-field in the
description for a while, until the former is started to be used. In
any case, we even go a bit longer than that anyway, and keep both for
a bit longer, to make life easier to backports.

Maybe it would be useful to have a list of the packages that have the
old pseudo-field in the description and simultaneously do not have the
newer field in control.


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