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Re: Packages with empty directories

Daniel Schepler schrieb:
> I recently noticed that many of the binary packages in Debian have unnecessary 
> empty directories in them, so I wrote a script to find all packages with any 
> empty directories.  The results are too numerous to post on the list.  The 
> list by maintainer/uploader is at
> http://people.debian.org/~schepler/empty-dirs-maint.txt
> and the full list of empty directories found is at
> http://people.debian.org/~schepler/empty-dirs.txt .
> Obviously, a lot of these will be false positives, so I definitely won't file 
> mass bugs based on this list without checking the full details first.

All of my packages listed there are false positives. What I noticed
though, are a lot of packages, shipping empty /usr/sbin, /usr/bin/,
/usr/lib/ or /usr/include directories.
This directories, very likely, come from dh-make *.dirs templates.
Imo these template files are wrong and should be cleaned up.
There is no point in creating directories for /usr/bin etc. if "make
install" will create them automatically when installing the
Imho *.dirs files should only be used for directories which aren't
automatically created by "make install".


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