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Re: What to do when the LaTeX sources are missing, but an XML equivalent was rewritten from scratch ?

On 11208 March 1977, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Other questions arising from this:
> What if upstream ships a pdf AND the source, but the generation of the
> pdf relies on not-available fonts. 

If you know it -> contrib. (And one should know, as one should try
rebuilding it at least once).

> I would still ship this pdf into my Debian package out of the following
> reasons:
> - the source is present, no freedom is taken: The document is present,
>   the source code.
> - the pdf can be regenerated albeit with minor quality.

Thats different to "relies on not-available fonts".
Relies == cant be build without them.

> - shipping the higher quality document helps the user more than shipping
>   a lower quality document
> Is this something which would be accepted?

Not if I can somehow detect it.

main is pretty simply defined as
"must not require a package outside of main for compilation or execution
(thus, the package must not declare a "Depends", "Recommends", or
"Build-Depends" relationship on a non-main package),"

which your package would do, if it can't build without some extra fonts.
It could go into contrib.

bye Joerg
A.D. 1517:
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