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[OT] Re: ITP: liblocale-us-perl -- Module for United States state identification

On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 04:26:55AM +0000, Ron Johnson wrote:
The USPS doesn't care about entry into the union.  It cares about
collating and routing.

This is true. Until sometime in the twentieth century, states were addressed with more verbose abbreviations (Tex. or Penn., for example), so most, if not all, of the fifty states were present when two-letter abbreviations were assigned.

In alphabetical order:
Michigan     MI  first 2 letters of name
Minnesota    MN  first two non-MI letters of name
Mississippi  MS  first two non-MI letters of name
Missouri     MO  first two non-MS letters of name

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Counterexamples: your state (Louisiana, which is not LO) and mine (Texas, which is not TE, despite Tennessee being TN). Maryland is another, since MR, MY, and ML are not valid region codes for (AFAIK) any region within United States or Canada, and so under that scheme, logically those would have been assigned to Maryland first.

A better, but still untested, hypothesis is that precedence was given to pairs of letters that were present in the short abbreviations (so La. became LA, Tenn. became TN, Tex. became TX, and Md. became MD). Hence, Mich., Minn., Miss., and Mo.

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