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Re: ITP: liblocale-us-perl -- Module for United States state identification

Two data points for the discussion:

(1) The data, and more useful data, is available in iso-codes.
The iso-codes-3166-2 list contains the subdivision lists for not just the US but all countries. (In the US, its states, in the Ireland counties, German Lander, etc.), and their translations.

(2) Not packaged, but available on the web, is a dataset of the postal formats for all countries. e.g Ireland does not have ZIP codes; different countries have standard formats for addresses. It might be worth packaging this for use with the subdivisions to give more useful web pages for
entering addresses.


On 17 Nov 2007, at 18:51, Matt Brown wrote:

On 11/17/07, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
This Perl module provides methods allowing United States' two-letter
state identification parsing from state code to state name and vice

Is a package really needed for something this simple?

It might be obvious to a US native, but it's hardly simple or obvious
to those of us outside America.

MI is a prime example, does it refer to Michigan, Missouri,
Mississippi or Minesota? The first two letters match all four.

If you come across this every day you probably know the answer, but I
just had to look it up again (Michigan) despite being caught out by
this just the other week!

Matt Brown
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