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Re: RFC: cups as "default" printing system for lenny?

On Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 09:42:52PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:

> > - Should we consider raising the priority of cupsys to standard, to take the
> >   place of lpr as an available-by-default printing system on stock installs?

> The last time I looked at CUPS, it was massively more complicated than lpr
> and involved dubious things like running daemons that listened on network
> ports for user configuration.  Is that still the case?

CUPS still supports configuration via the web interface on port 631, yes; by
default the daemon only listens on localhost, though, and there are other
config tools that don't rely on the web interface for managing
printers/queues in a desktop setting.

It is more complicated than lpr, for sure.  That's a big reason why I don't
particularly care for the implementation.  Nevertheless, CUPS has
effectively won out as the standard printing service on Linux.

> Also, do we really need *any* printing system as priority: standard?  It's
> not clear to me that printing is still really part of a standard Unix
> installation, even for desktop users (and it definitely isn't for
> servers).

Perhaps not.  It did seem to me like something that we would want available
by default, and that would in any case be consistent with past practice.
After all, this isn't so much a question of installing a "print server"
task, the cupsys package is these days the package most users will want
installed even for local printing.

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