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Re: Pbuilder loads a lot of texlive fonts

On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, James Vega wrote:

Riku's blog post[1] was a good hint.

I seem to be too stupid to find relevant information at this link.
(Seems to witness my theory that blog only information tends to get
lost in space.)

After turning off automatic
installation of Recommends, the packages are no longer installed.  I
didn't take the time to look into what was Recommending the packages,

Uhmmm, I was definitely positive that pbuilder only installs Depends
per default.  Why should Recommends be installed in an as small as
possible build environment.  I would regards this as important
pbuilder bug.  Ahhh - I'm not alone with this thought (#448562).

Kind regards


[1] - http://nchip.livejournal.com/11175.html


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