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Re: Translations, locales and gconv

Quoting Neil Williams (codehelp@debian.org):

> I am therefore seeking a second layer of repository structure that
> removes all /usr/share/locale/ data from all packages in Debian,
> creates language-specific packages for each individual .mo file from
> each individual package and allies those to individual packages for the
> gconv files from glibc and the zoneinfo files from tzdata into a system
> that can provide two implementations:
> a) Current Debian of install everything anyway
> b) Necessary Emdebian route of installing ONLY the translations that
> match the locale with appropriate gconv support and zoneinfo support
> with a debconf frontend to add extra locales and necessary support so
> that any user can specify that only en_GB, fr and sv should be
> supported etc.

These ideas very much look like those summarized in

As of now, nothing really came out from these thoughts but I think
that It could be time to revive all this. Although much people put
nice "i18n guru" stickers on my tee-shirt, I however lack enough
time|knowledge to deeply work on this except by following what's
happening but I think that people who were more deeply involved in
this (such as Eddy Petrisor, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino) could be

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