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Re: Long-term mass bug filing for crossbuild support

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 01:04:48PM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> Emdebian has currently built 91 Debian source packages in the
> preparation of the basic root filesystem and other testing of the
> toolset. All of those have involved some level of patches to support
> cross-building with CDBS packages needing the least.

Which is FUD, insomuch as CDBS only handles cross-building for packages that
use GNU autoconf and many cross-building fixes require patching upstream

> This thread will discuss the type of changes that are needed, which
> packages are affected and how these bugs will be identified.

If you want that to be what the thread is about, kindly don't lead into it
with trolling about CDBS.

> I would recommend every maintainer of a compiled package to consider
> adding this basic level of cross-building support if it does not exist
> already.

I agree.  If nothing else, this is relevant because packages which use
autoconf may otherwise mis-optimize for targets other than the default
target for each of our given architectures when not explicitly told the
system type using the dpkg-architecture information.

> Note that CDBS is inherently *easier* to crossbuild than any other
> build system in Debian. Only one change is necessary:


Note that this is an inherently *non-obvious* change to have to make to
support cross-building, which is why the opacity of CDBS makes it an
incredibly sucky system if you want maintainers who are actually able to
reason about what their packages are doing.

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