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Re: Mass bugs filing: bogus debian/watch files

[I read the list, no need to send me the message directly ;-)]

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I like the idea, and think that you should go ahead with reporting the
> bugs.
> However, if you are interested in that stuff, it could be a good idea to
> contact the DEHS maintainer: there might be a way to integrate this into
> DEHS, and avoid the HTML parsing ;)

I've already tough about that, but first of all I would like to receive some
kind of acception before I start mass filing bug reports :) (and if no one
else has something to say I'll let my scripts send all the reports tomorrow
afternoon, GMT-6).
I also need to find a way to detect when a bug report has been closed and
automatically remove it from the internal database used by my scripts.
It would of course be easier if there was some other kind of way to retrieve
information from the BTS other than email and SOAP.

Once I make the scripts less complex I'll contact the DEHS maintainers.

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