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Re: Bug#448910: ITP: urandr -- resize your screen and set up multiple screens

#include <hallo.h>
* Cyril Brulebois [Mon, Nov 05 2007, 01:59:00AM]:
> Evgeni Golov <sargentd@die-welt.net> (05/11/2007):
> > Hm, no, it's not an utility to resize my screen, it's just a gui for
> > xrandr, which will do the resize.
> Descriptions can always be improved (got to work that out with the
> author, on my TODO list already). Anyway xrandr is just an interface
> to ... which will do the resize, etc.

Yes, please do so. I think that's what Evgeni asked for.

> > And there is already a GUI for xrandr -- grandr, so could you please
> > provide some facts, why I should use urandr instead?
> I'd suggest having a look at b.d.o/grandr. Grandr is just crap.
> Please note that I ITP'd urandr upon request of gravity, which has lots
> to do already, and asked for someone to step in.

And I suggest adding useful details to the description. Mentioning them
only here flavored with some rants is not a real help to the potential
users of your package.

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