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Re: Mass bugs filing: bogus debian/watch files

On 04/11/07 at 18:44 -0600, Raphael Geissert wrote:
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> Hi everybody,
> I've written a set of scripts which read the no_upstream.html page of
> DEHS[1] hoping to notify the maintainers of the packages listed there about
> the debian/watch file not reporting upstream's version.
> The scripts also perform some checks on the message reported by uscan, to
> detect whether it is a real problem on the debian/watch file or just a
> temporary problem.
> The scripts are designed so they don't send different bug reports to the
> same package until the first bug is closed (I've to manually remove the
> packages from the generated database).
> They are also able to skip packages in case the maintainer doesn't want to
> be notified.
> At the moment I've let my scripts send only one bug report[2] to demonstrate
> how the generated messages look like.
> At the time of writing my scripts report to have found 827 packages listed
> in no_upstream.html.
> And after skipping entries for packages in experimental and removing entries
> that are considered to be temporary failures they would be sending around
> 785 bug reports.
> Is there any objection for not letting my scripts fill bug reports?
> Comments? Suggestions? or any other kind of feedback? :)

I like the idea, and think that you should go ahead with reporting the

However, if you are interested in that stuff, it could be a good idea to
contact the DEHS maintainer: there might be a way to integrate this into
DEHS, and avoid the HTML parsing ;)
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