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Re: Bug#449317: ITP: zekr-quran-translations-ur -- Zekr Quran Urdu translations

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 01:48:04AM -0500, Mohammad Derakhshani wrote:
I named this packaged based on another package of mine which was reviewed
and accepted:

Do you think the dfsg even in the accepted package
zekr-quran-translations-en should be removed?

You only use "dfsg" in the version number of a package when you have repacked the original tarball to exclude materials that aren't in compliance with the DFSG. Since you obviously don't do that with non-free packages, there's no point in using the "dfsg" label.

I think that whenever you upload a new upstream version, you should remove the "dfsg" in the English translations package, yes. Don't re-upload just to remove the "dfsg".

I think this translation is good enough to be packaged for Debian. But
1. issue of translating Quran is very disputable (In Islamic theology,
perfectly translating Quran is considered impossible), and

I'm aware of this debate.

2. we are not sure enough that the current translation is exactly word by
word matches the real translation done by the its translator, and
3. in zekr-quran-translations-en which was reviewed and accepted we used
exactly the same disclaimer,
in my humble opinion, I think it is better to not change the disclaimer.

Okay. I'm not at all picky. You're always free to ignore my suggestions; you're the maintainer, and I'm not.

P.S: If you can send me a link of howto discussing when a package should be
called dfsg I will appreciate.

Included above.

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