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Re: Bug#439389: Changes in the xine-lib package require changes in xine-frontends

Le lundi 22 octobre 2007 à 16:02 +0200, Reinhard Tartler a écrit :
> > No, it is called a partial upgrade and it should work, because working
> > partial upgrades are a necessary condition for working full upgrades,
> > and a necessary condition for a usable unstable distribution. If a
> > specific partial upgrade doesn't work, you should mark it with a
> > "Conflicts:" field (until the "Breaks:" field is implemented).
> You are seriously suggesting libxine1 should be added versioned
> conflicts against all X11-based frontends in etch? Please think a minute
> about this.

Yes, and not doing so is a RC bug.

> > Otherwise, we could as well use Redhat or Ubuntu.
> I don't really understand this argument, but I take this comment as
> indication that you are not interested in a serious discussion. At least
> until you clarify this.

What clarification do you need? The fact that partial upgrades must work
on Debian while other distributions don't require it?

> Btw, Ubuntu has "Break"-support since a couple of releases.

I fail to see how Ubuntu contributions to our codebase (or the lack
thereof) are related to this discussion.

> > Moving the plugins to a separate package is definitely a good idea, but
> > removing functionality in a library package is called breaking the ABI,
> > and it requires a change in the package name.
> Another indication that you haven't read the referenced bug. There is no
> breakage in ABI, as already explained there.

Sorry, but a library that suddenly stops providing any functionality
sounds like serious ABI breakage to me. ABI is not only a list of
symbols and prototypes, it is also about the provided functionality.

> Please do not make this discussion harder by contributing offensive or
> unhelpful posts.

Please don't break packages that depend on yours unless you fully
understand the implications, which include tracking all versions of
packages you are breaking and adding proper Conflicts fields.

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