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Re: libdb4.* madness in unstable

On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> writes:
> > Today, while browsing through aptitude, I noticed that I had the
> > following bdb versions installed:
> > version:   # of packages depending on it (apt-cache rdepends)
> > libdb4.2   40
> > libdb4.3   26
> > libdb4.4   55
> > libdb4.5   64
> > libdb4.6   40
> > Having 5 different versions of one library is just insane imho. What are
> > the reasons, that we still carry around the older versions, like 4.2 and
> > 4.3? Is there software which doesn't build against newer versions, are
> > there other reasons?
> BerkeleyDB 4.2 is still faster and more stable than any subsequent version
> for OpenLDAP, although 4.6 is looking promising.
> I don't have any good explanation for 4.3 through 4.5, though.

I do.  We don't ask the cyrus people and openldap people before packaging a
new libdb version.

The ugly truth is that libdb compatibility across minor versions is crap.
You always have to fine-comb the API for changes, because the changes are
not compile-time-detection safe.  Then you hit the bugs.

IMHO we should declare a quarantine of a minimum of 6 months on every new
libdb upstream, and only package it *if* openldap (*the* heavy-duty user of
libdb advanced features) and cyrus imap (*the* thousands-of-concurrent-
locks, mmap-happy user of libdb) did not have problems with it.

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