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Re: Bug#446028: ITP: tg3dfsg -- firmware free Broadcom Tigon3 network driver

On 2007-10-10, Daniel Schepler <schepler@math.unipd.it> wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 October 2007 02:57:59 pm Robert Edmonds wrote:
>> The only rationale for removing the *firmware* is compliance with GR
>> 2006-004...
> Reading this feels about like reading someone write, "The only rationale for 
> not smoking cigarettes in this restaurant is compliance with state law."
> How about not suggesting that the majority of Debian developers who voted for 
> that GR were crazy people making a decision with no rational basis?  You 
> might disagree with it, but at least try to understand that there was a 
> reason for it that seemed valid to a lot of people.

s/voted for/voted on/

Robert Edmonds

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