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Re: Bug#446028: ITP: tg3dfsg -- firmware free Broadcom Tigon3 network driver

Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Robert Edmonds wrote:
> > Any modification to the tg3 driver to produce a GR 2006-004 compliant
> > driver would have to diverge from the kernel team's patch acceptance
> > guidelines[0] since upstream is intransigent[1] on making tg3
> > firmware-free or firmware-optional.  The kernel team does not appear to
> > be interested in maintaining such a driver, and it appears future linux
> > kernel source packages will be patched[2] to simply remove the blobs of
> > firmware (I don't know why the driver isn't simply removed entirely
> > since the result does not compile).
> This seems totally inappropriate.
> If the driver includes non-free firmwares these should be removed or
> split up from the driver source, not remove the driver entirely.
> If what you say is right, the driver *works* for most of the hardware
> without non-free blobs.
> Therefore, I can't understand how removing the driver serves our users.

That is why I said "appear", since I hope that the kernel team has plans
for the driver beyond simply eliding it.

(I'd like to point out that the equivalent FreeBSD if_bge driver has no
firmware blobs.)

> Any rationale behind that decision?
> I feel like I'm arguing for something completely obvious...

The only rationale for removing the *firmware* is compliance with GR

Robert Edmonds

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