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Re: RFC 2?821 and CNAMEs

also sprach Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> [2007.10.10.0024 +0100]:
> The only thing RFC 821 cares about is what hostnames you use in
> MAIL FROM and RCPT TO.  If you can ensure that your mail setup
> uses the canonical name rather than the alias in the RHS of
> addresses in MAIL FROM, that will make the problem go away without
> changing your DNS.

Of course I can ensure that, and that's what I had a while ago: for
each of my road-warriors (rw.madduck.net; 19 of them; no, not all
laptops; long story), I had a separate pair of MX RRs.

I sought to simplify that and created rw.madduck.net with two MX RRs
and CNAMEd the 19 domain names to that, *after* reading the RFCs and
determining that it was okay (but reading RFC2821 as having
obsoleted STD-010; your argument makes sense though).

I'd much rather change my DNS than configure the 19 machines to use
the same mail-from-domain. Thanks for this thread, which showed me
that apparently this is what I have to do.

I can't believe DNS (or SMTP for that matter) hasn't moved along in
decades... at least not since people started to understand that data
redundancy (not caching!) is a bad thing.

Sorry for the noise on d-devel.

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